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are creating a vote in the in state and makes tuition. aren't we better off letting people get educated in and we are pushing around the children of undocumented aliens. they have no choice in being here or coming here and want an education, why is that wrong with that? >> eric: mike, everybody wants everybody to get education. but is it fair? >> what is wng with that, it is illegal. congress passed the illegal immigration reform and responsibility act that said that states cannot grant in state tutig to i recalllegal students unless they grant the same rate to out of state. attorney holder should go after the law. this would be fixed by the remax that senator marco rubio worked on in florida. but president obama inserted himself in this in june and over reached and skipping congress, passed this, this two year determent in the students and didn't take care of the in state tuition. >> steve: we get where you are going. the state of maryland passed their version of the dream act and so many people were incensed and collected so many secretaries it is on the ballot. >> it is proper puttin
are worried about jobs and education of their children. they are soldiers and mothers of soldiers and wife was soldiers and they have a real about in matters like benghazi . so as that gap has closed. the race tightened to a dead even race and i think the race in ohio is going to be one or loss in the 19counties that are in the columbus media market. >> gretchen: ohio is so important. but regions within ohio is so important and it could come down to the center of the state which is columbus as you are explaining. usually the north tend to go for obama and southern part of the state for romney. so what happen in columbus? >> the changing demographics in columbus, obama won it convincingly in 2008, and george w. bush won it in 2004 with a strong showing in the southeast. it looks as if the romney forces have secured the base in the southeast and going up in the western part of the state and same for president obama in the northeast, and so it is a battle for the center part of the state and 19 counties that make up their part of the state and it is all about the ground game. gretchen, let me
of the work force in the last four years. and looking for affordable health care and get education for their kids . and i had to put me down on it they are using partisan attacks and i draw the line. >> gretchen: what was the response and i would be interesting to know how the press covered that when you gave that response in a debate? >> locally there was a little bit of press coverage. it was picked up on the internet and gone viral in the naption. especially because of the opportunities i had razz a fighter pilot and warrior and commander. you are seeing a real war on women in other places on the world and i have stood up fought for women's rights. i fought against the pentagon policy that made our women wear muslim garb in saudi arabia and standing up for the women in the military. i have fought for equipment and get them back to work and get this count reapp going again. this is what the election is about and not the diversions that try to scare voterss and women. >> gretchen: interesting pointings. martha mcsally's veteran and candidate down in arizona. >> i need your support
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)